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Goalpost Glamour

Goalpost Glamour

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Set Description: Ready to score big fashion points? Look no further than Goalpost Glamour—the press-on nails that make slaying the game day style easy as a two-point conversion! These XS almond shaped nails feature a thermal color changing middle finger—turning from glorious green to sheer white in response to your team spirit! 🤩

Example set is XS Almond. Length and shape can be changed to any of the options on the menu. Colors can also be changed. If you would like specific colors, please include them in your order notes along with your sizes.

      Shape & Length Options

       (For most accurate sizing!)

      How to Size Nails

      In order to get the most accurate sizing, you will need to first purchase a sizing kit.

      Each sizing kit comes with a 20% discount to use towards your press-on order.

      With a sizing kit, you're guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your nails and you'll be able to make sure that you're happy with the length.

      If you'd like to wear nails right away, you also have the option to purchase a solid color set that doubles as a sizing kit.

      Please enter your sizes into your order notes. If you have questions about sizing, please reach out to me at

      Color Chart




      What's Included

      All press on sets come with an application kit that includes:

      • Adhesive Tabs for temporary wear
      • Cuticle pusher
      • Nail File
      • Buffer
      • Alcohol Prep Pad
      • Nail Glue

      FAQ & Tutorials

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